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Private Banker, March 1986 - Present.

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Qualified and testified as an expert witness in state and Federal district courts as well as US Bankruptcy Court.

Clients include companies involved in commercial, international, real estate, distribution, wholesale and retail commercial activities.

* As an expert witness, I have worked with legal counsel on behalf of borrowers or lenders. The cases I have testified on include a wide range of commercial lending practice issues.

* Specialize in debt management for clients, principally small to medium size business, usually privately held with revenues of $10-$150 million. Loan commitments usually range from $1 million to $25 million.

* Specialize in debt management for high net worth individuals with corporate, commercial real estate and investment needs. Loan commitments range from $1 million to $25 million, while investment needs vary according to the particular need.

* Assist clients with review/analysis of debt/banking relationships, including strategic financial planning, structuring, (re)negotiation and implementation of debt structure and analysis/negotiation for cash management, letters of credit and other non-credit services where appropriate.


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The private banking business began in 1986, after fifteen years of commercial lending and management for banks in the United States and Asia. Now with over thirty five years of experience as a lender and private banker for borrowers, a unique "insiders" understanding of how banks operate and how the changing regulatory environment affects their decision-making is brought to borrowers. It is this knowledge that provides financial and expert witness and litigation support services that maximize profit and minimize risk for the client. Should you have comments or questions, wish to receive additional information or seek to arrange an initial consultation, I may be reached at 410 261-5080 or email at

Expert Witness - Private Banker - CFO for Hire - Financial/Banking Consultant - Litigation Consultant
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