Lender Liability Expert Witness

In your representation of a borrower or lender in your lender liability case, you likely need an expert to strengthen your case. I have worked in the commercial lending industry for more than 45 years and have acted as a lender liability expert witness for the last 30 years in numerous lender liability cases.

My Lender Liability Witness Services

I am qualified to provide expert witness services in federal and state district courts as well as in the US Bankruptcy Court. In commercial and lender liability cases, I study disputes objectively and analyze the key issues, depositions, testimonies, and case strategies. I have testified on behalf of both lenders and borrowers on a wide range of cases involving banks and other commercial lenders.

I have testified for cases involving federal banking regulations, loan commitments and restructuring, bank credit procedures, loan defaults, and negligence/gross negligence issues. I can also act as a lender liability advisor for issues such as fiduciary issues, negligence, and interest rates. With my decades of experience in commercial lending, I can help in reaching a settlement on your case.

I would be happy to act as an advisor or expert witness. Call me at (410) 261-5080 to set up a consultation. I look forward to speaking with you about your case.

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